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Who is this course for?
This course is for instrumentalists or vocalist who want to know how to record their music at home or know the basics of song production.
This course is also for people working in radio or podcast creation, as we will cover the basics for capturing your voice in a professional manner as well as inserting audio and other EFX.


Software and Hardware needed:
– Computer
– DAW (Digital Audio Workstation): Logic Pro X, or Ableton

– Optional but preferable: Audio Interface & Microphone, MIDI Controller

Course Details:
Music Production Foundation Course

This course will be focusing on Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. You don’t need to master both. You just need to choose one of them.

Session one:
What is a DAW?
– Introduction to DAWs
– Introduction to Interface and Basics
– Why Logic Pro X or Ableton?

Session two:
What is Digital Audio?
– Signal chain/Digital Conversion
– Recording Equipment:
– Interface
– Microphones
– Common Terminology:
– Decibels
– Distortion
– Gain
– Volume

Session three:
Exploring MIDI and Software Instruments
– What is MIDI?
– How to use a MIDI controller?
– Manipulating MIDI
– Editing MIDI

Session four:
Recording your voice/instrument
– Setting Up, Creating Tracks
– Gain Structure
– Editing Audio:
– Comping and Fades
– Using your Mouse
– Editing shortcuts
– Manipulating Audio
– Using loops

Session five:
Basic Mixing Tools
– What is an EQ?
– What is a compressor?
– What is a limiter?
– What is reverb?
– What is the delay?

Session six:
Putting up your song together
– Basics of Audio Spectrum analysis
– Song/Project workflow



Maher ElMallakh

Mallach graduated from The American University in Cairo with the highest honours in Music Technology. He pursued further studies with the Berklee Online School. Has has over nine years experience in audio production and music performance, having worked with different bands across a whole range of genres throughout the Middle East and North America.

Mallakh is the founder of Blu Productions, a music production company providing a range of services including music production and VO. He has produced works for many international names including the Discovery Channel, Sunsilk, Wellspring, Media Agencies and Sat7 among others.

Mallakh has also produced and performed music for bands like Greene, Better Life Team and Fonograf featuring artists including Nesma Mahgoub, Eftekasat, Nagham Masry, Local Churches and Noha Fekry.

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