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Basics and Introduction

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October 12, 2021

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An important course for any musician, singer or any individual planning to learn music. From Beginner to Advanced level, the course is designed to help the student understand the main components of Music and implement them in his own playing. The course covers main music topics like reading pitches and rhythms, types of scales and their relation, time signatures, ear training, harmony, types of chords and progressions, analysis of tunes and harmony, basic concepts of improvisation and composing music.

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Rami Attallah
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About Instructor

Rami Attallah, an Egyptian pianist, composer, arranger and educator, and founder of The Music Hub in Egypt. Grandson of the one and only Bib Henein one of the godfathers of Jazz music in Egypt. Studied Jazz piano under Mr. Rashad Fahim (A Berklee College of Music Alumni) and classical piano under the Italian teacher Elide Dello Strologo. Gained the Board Certificate for Piano and Music Theory from Trinity College of Music, London. Rami also received a full scholarship from the French government for his studies at le CIM Jazz School in Paris, France. Wrote over fifty compositions and has worked on tens of arrangements and side projects. Rami performed with many well-known musicians and singers such as Lena Chamamyan, Tania Saleh, Cairo Steps, and many others. He performed in more than 20 international music festivals around the world in different countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, and others. Rami released two albums "Shokran JAZZilan" and "A Conversation" and is teaching Music Theory, Harmony, and Piano in Cairo.



Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Details 00:02:06
  • Practice VS.Performance – What’s The SHORTCUT? Details 00:05:17
  • Knowing Your Level Details 00:04:05
  • Introduction To Scales Details 00:01:56
  • Intervals EXPLAINED Details 00:03:43
  • Is Jazz Harmony Different Than Classical Harmony? Details 00:01:30
  • Improvisation EXPLAINED Details 00:03:19
  • Triads – All you need to know about TRIADS Details 00:12:24
  • What is a DOMINANT CHORD? The MOST IMPORTANT CHORD In Harmony Details 00:07:22
  • Cadences – 4 Ways to end your songs (Creatively) Details 00:04:54
  • Understanding & Building Complicated Chords Details 00:08:16
  • 6 Tips For Better Improvisation & Vocabulary learning Details 00:05:58
  • Harmony Foundation ( Diatonic Harmony ) Details 00:09:27
  • All You Need To Know About Modes Details 00:11:52
  • The Most Popular Jazz Progression EXPLAINED! – The (II-V-I) Details 00:07:50
  • 10 Tips For Being A Professional Musician Details 00:07:33
  • Rami Attallah & Andre Segone Playing The Blues Details 00:02:36
  • How To Play In A Piano & Bass Situation? Details 00:10:22

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  1. Great for beginners


    This course covers a lot of aspects that help when learning about music, and it includes many examples and simple explanations for anyone to understand music theory concepts.

  2. piano


    the course is so powerful and full of vocabulary. I really enjoyed it and it actually encouraged me to take real steps in playing keys.

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